Tuesday, 1 April 2014

SharePoint 2013 Overview

The next version of SharePoint introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information.

  1. SHARE
  • Put social to work 
         Share ideas,Discover answers and keep track of what your colleague are working with new
         social features throughout SharePoint 2013.
  • Share your data
        Share any kind of your content with the people inside and outside  the organisation  on
        SharePoint 2013 by publishing it .
  • Share Data from anywhere
         Share documents,share news feed,update your activity and keep in touch with your                                      colleague  from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Project on Track 
        Organize all your projects and tasks to get visibility into upcoming deliverable s across
        SharePoint,Outlook and Microsoft Project.
  • Team connected
         Setup a new team site and share all the documents ,details and contact which is required
         for the team.
  • Customize your site  
         Customization helps you to find out the Documents,contacts etc in easy manner with
          lesser time .

    3.  DISCOVER
  • Store and sync docs
        Sync your content and documents in SharePoint to your desktop by using Sky drive Pro,
        so your documents are just a click away , even if you are offline.  
  • Find experts
        Connect with the people in the organisation who is having the expertise in several
         project and documents they have worked on . 
  • Discover and answer
         Turn raw data into gorgeous interactive reports with Excel 2013 and publish to
         SharePoint to share insights with the people you work with.

    4. BUILD
  • Attractive looking sites
        create dynamic intranet and internet sites to share your organization's vision with everyone.
  • Build apps and share 
        Make your apps available to the everyone to try and buy out through the public store to
        your employee and cataloger.
  • Build apps 
        Build apps on common web technologies like java script,HTML, oAuth with the new
        Cloud App Model for SharePoint.

    5.  MANAGE
  • Manage Cost
         Manage and reduce the cost and extend the boundaries of shearing into the cloud
        with office 365 .
  • Manage Risk 
        New archiving, e Discovery and case management capabilities extend across SharePoint,
        Exchange,Web server and Lync.
  • Manage Time
        Spend more time delivering innovation and less time managing infrastructure with
        advances in SharePoint scale, performance and management capabilities.

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